Trinity-Clifton Council is formed by: 

  • The chairs of the standing committees;
  • Council congregational representatives to Regional Council;
  • Representatives of the Trustees, United Church Women, the Men’s Group; and the Clifton congregation; 
  • Chair(s) of Council;
  • Secretary;
  • Treasurer;
  • The minister(s). 

The Congregation and Council share responsibility for the life and mission of the United Church.

Standing Committees
Christian Development Pastoral Care
Communications  Property
Development Stewardship
Finance Trinity-Clifton Men’s Group
History and Archives  Trustees
Ministry and Personnel United Church Women
Outreach and Service  Worship


The United Church of Canada Manual 2021 can be found here.


Christian Development Committee

The Christian Development committee is responsible for meeting the faith formation and Christian education needs of the congregation.  This includes ensuring that opportunities for spiritual growth are provided for people of all ages including Sunday School, Youth Class, and discussion groups.


Communications Committee (currently inactive)

The Communications Committee is responsible for communications between the following:

a) Church Board and the congregation;
b) Church Board and all the groups and committees;
c) Church Board and the general community;
d) Sharing information within the congregation ie. minute messages after Church Board meetings.

Fulfilling the Committee Mandate might include:

a) assess and work to meet the communication needs of the congregation;
b) liaise between the congregation, the Board, the standing committees and the community at large;
c) announce to the congregation information from the Board/Committees;
d) prepare and publish the church newsletter as required;
e) develop approaches to maximize the use of the bulletin boards and the outdoor sign;
f) develop strategies for marketing and promoting our ministries ie. programmes and services, both in the church and in the community;
g) be in frequent contact with the standing committees to determine their communication needs;
h) establish and maintain a web page and other pertinent “e” programs;
i) make announcements to the community ie. newspaper announcements and releases;



Finance Committee

This committee prepares the budget and financial statements for the congregation and encourages the congregation to share their gifts, through a variety of means, to enable the church to fulfill its mission.



This group ensures that the archives are maintained and organized in such a way that they are accessible and useful.  It has recently completed a multi-year project in which records dating from the 1830s to the 1960s have been digitalized.


Ministry and Personnel Committee

(a) being available for consultation and support for matters involving the pastoral
charge staff;
(b) overseeing the relationship of the pastoral charge staff to each other and to
people in the congregation;
(c) regularly reviewing the working conditions, responsibilities, and compensation
of all pastoral charge staff;
(d) making any recommendations needed as a result of these reviews to the
governing body;
(e) revising position descriptions of pastoral charge staff as needed;
(f) conducting annual performance reviews of the pastoral charge staff;
(g) ensuring pastoral charge staff make use of opportunities for continuing
education that they have been given; and
(h) maintaining close contact with the presbytery Pastoral Relations Committee.

(United Church Manual 2016.  7.8.5)


Outreach and Service Committee

This committee leads the congregation in our ministry to the local and global community.  At Trinity-Clifton, the Outreach Committee is currently involved in many activities including refugee sponsorship, the breakfast program and Christmas dinner at Prince St. School and in providing grants to a number of community organizations.  The Outreach Committee also initiated the process for Trinity to become an Affirming congregation.


Pastoral Care Committee

The Pastoral Care committee visits members of the congregation who are in long-term care facilities and seniors’ residences, hospitals and their own homes.  The committee also maintains the congregational roll and church directory.


Property Committee

The property committee is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the church buildings and grounds, including the implementation and monitoring of safety, security and energy efficiency measures, and building accessibility.


Stewardship Committee (currently inactive)

(i) Educating the congregation or pastoral charge on the mission of the
United Church, both locally and in the wider church;
(ii) educating the congregation or pastoral charge on the funds needed for this
mission and how they will be used;
(iii) encouraging commitment and participation from the congregation or pastoral
charge in this mission; and
(iv) reviewing regularly the balance of funds given for local purposes and funds
given for the Mission and Service Fund.

(United Church Manual 2016.  7.8.6C)


Trinity-Clifton Men’s Group

This group is involved in many fund-raising activities including a take-out lobster dinner for 800, a plant sale, a pancake breakfast and several dinners throughout the year.  In conjunction with the UCW, it also organizes the monthly Supper Club.  The group supports a number of community services as well as activities within the church.



Each of Trinity and Clifton have a separate Board of Trustees.

The Boards of Trustees holds in trust the title to the real estate and property of Trinity-Clifton for the use and benefit of the community of faith.  The Trustees also hold and administer funds left to the church.


United Church Women

The purpose of the United Church Women is “to unite women of the congregation for the total mission of the church and to provide a medium through which they may express their loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ in Christian witness, study, fellowship and service.”  At Trinity, there are three units which meet separately and jointly on a monthly basis from September to May.  The UCW is involved in many activities which raise funds for church and community causes.


Worship Committee

The Worship Committee at Trinity-Clifton works with the Minister and the Music Director in planning many aspects of the worship services.  It also prepares communion and oversees the utilization of the sanctuary for internal and external community use. The committee’s purpose is to ensure that services meaningfully engage all ages in worship, reflect diversity and equip the congregation to do Christ’s work in the world.