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Trinity’s Organ; Casavant Frères 1955, 3 Manual Opus 2256

The first organ in this United Church was a hand-pumped instrument installed in 1885 which was subsequently replaced by a Karn Morris tracker organ in 1909. As a memorial to Trinity United Church members who were killed in WW 2 and in the Korean conflict, this Casavant Frères organ, with 3 manuals and full pedals, was constructed and installed in 1955. It is actually 4 organs in one, the Great, Swell, Choir, and Pedal organs (Divisions). The Choir and the Swell divisions are enclosed in chambers which have louvers that can be opened and closed by the organist via foot pedals.

This “King of Instruments” is an English Romantic organ with baroque adaptations. It has 2978 speaking pipes and 48 stops capable of producing the softest of music and the most thunderous full organ sounds. Since its dedication on February 18, 1955, it has combined music and voice to the glory and praise of God.

Vierne Organ Symphony No 1 Finale
Organist Donald Fraser



Original Stop List

Great Swell Choir Pedal Couplers
Gt. Super Sw. Super Choir Sub 8 Tromba Sw, Gt, Ch. to Ped
111 Mixture Sw. Sub Choir Sup 16 Trombone Sw, Gt, Ch. Super to Ped Sw., Ch. to Gt
8 Tuba Trem Trem 4 Choral Bass Sw, Ch. Super and Sub to Gt. Sw. to Ch.
2 Fifteenth 11 Sesquialtera 8 Tuba 8 Stopped Flute Sw. Super and Sub to Ch.
2 2/3 Twelfth 4 Schalmey 8 Clarinet 8 Octave 24 Presets 6 per manual
4 Wald Flute 8 Oboe 1 Sifflet 8 Cello 6 General Toe Pistons
4 Principal 8 Trumpet 1 3/5 Tierce 16 Gedeckt 1 Full Organ Piston
8 Gemshorn 16 Double Trumpet 1 1/3 Larigot 16 Violine Crescendo
8 Rohrflote IV Mixture 2 2/3 Nasard 16 Bourdon
8 Sec. Open Diap. 2 Piccolo 2 Flageolet 16 Open Diap.
8 First Open Diap. 2 2/3 Quint 4 Violina 32 Resultant
16 Open Diapason 4 Octave 4 Wald Flute Chimes
Chimes 4 Flauto Traverso 8 Viol de Orchestra
8 Voix Celeste 8 Doppel Flute
8 Viola Da Gamba 8 Violin Diapason
8 Stopped Diap.
8 Open Diapason
16 Bourdon


The information for this pamphlet was prepared by Paul Vandergaag, an interested member of the congregation, to help mark the 150th Anniversary of the church building in 2014. This work is much appreciated by the 2014 Trinity Clifton Celebration Planning Committee and the pamphlet was produced with support from that Committee.



  1. H. P. Newman

    Would recordings be available by Organist Donald Fraser.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

    • DonFraser

      Good afternoon!

      Currently nothing is available as a commercial recording. This, however, is on my To-Do list!
      Thanks for your interest!
      Don Fraser

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