With gratitude and celebration, Trinity-Clifton Pastoral Charge thanks Reverends Gail Hopkirk and Melaney Matheson for more than a year of service to the congregation. When we reflect on the gifts that Gail and Melaney brought to their interim calling at Trinity-Clifton, we recall many inspirational moments.

We recall Gail’s luminous storytelling and reflective sermons, and how she helped us to find a quiet place within. We also look back on Melaney’s fearless calls to action in her stories and sermons that brought modern interpretations and thought-provoking life messages to the congregation.

Gail and Melaney were also an integral part of something much bigger than the regular duties associated with a call to ministry, however.

In February 2017, Trinity-Clifton approved the Joint Needs Assessment Committee’s report. On that foundation, Gail and Melaney joined Rev. Greg Davis to develop and model how a “shared ministry” could unfold.

This shared ministry pilot project was an important step in helping the congregation and Council see a new future for Trinity-Clifton: a future that emphasizes collaboration and collective action. Further, having a shared ministry model in place helped attract our soon-to-arrive new minister, Rev. Cathie Crooks, to her calling at Trinity-Clifton.

The congregation and Council of Trinity-Clifton Pastoral Charge are forever grateful to Gail and Melaney–and Greg–for transforming what could have been a tumultuous and difficult period into a cause for celebration. Thank you.