A Special Invitation to Children and Youth

Calling all children and youth!

You are invited to Walk Through Holy Week together on Palm Sunday, March 25th.

Joined by Sunday School teachers and Godly Play Storytellers, the children and youth will act out and hear the story of Holy Week. Come participate in a re-enactment of Holy Week as we remember with sorrow the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus and share our joy as we celebrate his resurrection.

  • We will begin our Walk in the Richmond Street hall, where the crowd will wave palm branches as Jesus passes through on his way to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.
  • The crowd will then follow Jesus to the Upper Room (upper hall) to celebrate the Passover (sharing of bread and juice), in memory of the Last Supper. From there, we will go to the Garden of Gethsemane (chapel) where the story of Good Friday will be told.
  • Finally, we will journey to the cave to hear the good news from the angel.

Participants are asked to arrive at church by 10:15 AM to dress in costume.

Please respond to trinityunited@eastlink.ca if you plan to join us on this special Walk.